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Awesome Abs*

What does make awesome abs? 

We the Tucson personal trainers see people every day that wonder how sometimes it seems as if they do endless crunches, sit ups and all other types of ab work and still can't figure out why they don’t see them. Let's take a brief look at that.*

Awesome Abs are more than the muscles that you have, they are the result of the fat that you don't have. Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue. The ab muscles are beneath the fat. If the fat layer is thick, it will be difficult to see your ab muscles (no matter how well developed they are). When you lower your body fat enough you can see your abs.*

We the Tucson personal trainers help you get rid of the fat, if that is your goal. We do this by helping you via combination of proper training and nutrition. It has to do with calories in and calories burned. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight (hopefully body fat). Fewer calories in (diet) + more calories out (aerobic exercise) = calorie deficit.

Many people mistakenly believe that they can spot reduce body fat. This is a false belief. When you exercise a certain area like the abs, you are working the muscles in that area. When you burn fat it comes from all over the body, not just from the area being worked.*

Fat Burning Tip Tucson Personal Training*

As your day progresses, do away with complex carbohydrates such as rice and potatoes and boost your intake of water packed vegetables. This will speed up your metabolism and help to burn fat.
An example would be the following:*

Meal 1: egg white and oatmeal
Meal 2: Meal Replacement Drink
Meal 3: Chicken salad
Meal 4: Meal Replacement Drink
Meal 5: Fish and vegetables


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Mark Saunders
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P.S. My wise brother shared a quote with me and I am paying it forward to you. "Live life by design, not by default". Start your year off right and let us help you design your fitness program.

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