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Mark Saunders, Founder

The Tucson Personal Trainer LLC's founder Mark Saunders, is a visible inspiration of strength, manifested by his own athletic and career success, and the accomplishments of his training clients.*

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

Mark Saunders contributes most of his success to adhering to what he calls the "5 Elements of Physical Progress".

They are as follows: proper training, proper nutrition, recovery, supplementation and mindset.  There are a few basic principles that abide within these elements that he not only incorporates in his own routine, but also teaches to others and will teach to you. 

Mark has been into health and fitness since he was fourteen years old.  At the age of nineteen he joined the United States Air Force (USAF) and served as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  His enlistment was for four years.  It included a six-month tour in Operation Desert Storm where he served as a medic in a field hospital.

Mark Saunders is a former 5 Time Bodybuilding Champion having competed 26 times over 24 years. At the peak of Mark's career he was in the top 1% of all Natural Bodybuilders in the world. Bodybuilders understand a lot about training, nutrition and losing body fat.

If you are seeking to add muscle tone or lose body fat, Mark can help you because he spends time crafting his communication skills so he now can train the following:

1. a complete novice teenager looking to build muscle
2. Any age group 13+ men and women
3. Very good with men and women over 40 seeking to lose weight and/or gain shape and definition in a safe fun environment.
4. 60+ Men and Women over 60 years of age. Mark has trained hundreds of people over 60 years of age. Mark knows just how to take you in a steady progressive pace, yet, taking special care to prevent injuries because an injury to you can set you back time and money. Mark and his team has supported hundreds of people (SINCE 1994) over 60 years of age so you can feel confident that you or your someone you know will be training in a safe fun environment. 

Mark Saunders is a Master Level Trainer, has written a nutrition book that is responsible for helping thousands of people and has over 36,000 hours of one on one personal training experience putting him in the top 1% of trainers in the world. Mark can work with the beginner to the most advanced. The following is a list of his athletic accomplishments:

2008 NPC Natural Western USA Open Men's Light Heavy Weight FIRST PLACE

2002 NGA Pro Universe 4th Place


2001 NGA Western America Pro-Qualifier OVERALL WINNER

1999 MUSCLE MANIA WORLD NATURAL BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS 3rd place light heavy weight division

1998 MUSCLE MANIA WORLD NATURAL BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2nd place light heavy weight division

1997 MUSCLE MANIA WORLD NATURAL BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS 9th place light heavy weight division

1997 NPC Arizona Golden Classic 2nd place light heavy weight division

1996 NPC Arizona Golden Classic 3rd place light heavy weight division

1995 NPC Mr. Tucson 2nd place light heavy weight division

1995 NPC Mr. Western States 2nd place light heavy division

1994 NANBA 4th Annual Natural Muscle Classic- OVERALL WINNER

1994 NPC Mr. Tucson 3rd place light heavy weight division

1993 Copper Classic, 3rd place

1993 South West Natural 3rd place

1990 Serge Nubret Muscle Awards 3rd place

1988 NPC South Carolina Gold’s Classic Junior light heavy weight division 1st place

1988 NPC South Carolina Teenage Nationals 3rd place light heavy weight division

1988 NPC Teenage South Carolina OVERALL WINNER

1988 Men’s Capital City Bodybuilding Championships 2nd place

1988 NPC Mr. Teenage North West OVERALL WINNER

1987 Mid Atlantic Classic Teenage 5th place

1984 Teenage Mr. Florence 3rd place

To request a complimentary "Get Clear, Get Focused" consultation with Mark please fill out the Coaching Questionnaire form below and receive:

• A complete health, fitness and nutritional assessment – we discuss where you are and where you want to be, and devise a plan to get you there as fast as possible. This consult alone will help you so much. This assessment will be an eye opening experience for you!*

Mark respects your time. He understands you’re busy and the most valuable commodity you have is your time. So he won’t waste it.*

In fact, he will show you how to get more of it. Because when you’re fit and healthy, your energy level will soar. You’ll get twice as much accomplished. You’ll be more productive, proactive and passionate…*

We could go on and on about the benefits of looking and feeling great, but we don’t think we have to. You’re smart. So we are appealing to your intellect. You know how important your health is.*

There is no obligation and nothing to buy. The consultation is a complimentary gift from us to you. Because we want to prove to you how we will train you to lose weight, be fit and toned and proud of your appearance.*

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your complete health, fitness and nutritional assessment. Remember, there is no obligation and you have nothing to lose except the fat!*

Coaching Questionnaire

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

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