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Food List*





        40-60% of daily

         caloric intake


2.      PROTEIN

       30-50% of daily

       caloric intake


3.       FAT

       10-30% of daily

        caloric intake





5.        MINERALS

A multi-vitamin &

mineral supplement





7.             WATER

Body weight x .66oz. per day

1 gallon = 4 quarts

1 quart = 32 oz.

Protein= 4 calories per gram/Carbohydrates=4 calories per gram

Fat = 9 calories per gram/Sugar = 4 grams per tablespoon

Alcohol = 7 calories per gram   





  Type                             Grams of protein per # of body weight 


Sedentary Adult                                                    .45


Active Adult                                                          .60


Growing Athlete                                                    .90


Adult Building Muscle                                          1.0 – 1.5




Type                                    Grams        

Egg Whites (large)                                           3-4 grams/egg white

                   (jumbo)                                         5 grams/egg white


Fish (4 oz.)                                                            30

(Halibut, Haddock, Snapper,

Scallops, Shrimp, Tuna, Salmon)


Chicken (4 oz. – about ½ breast)                             33


Turkey (4 oz. – lean ground without skin!                30

                        or a 4 oz. breast


Red Meat (4 oz.-lean cuts)                                     30


Designer Protein Powder- 2 scoops                         32


Met Rx brand Meal Replacement Shake                  38


Myoplex brand (EAS) Meal Replacement Shake       42


Myolite (EAS) Meal Replacement Shake                  25


Skim Milk (1 cup – 8 oz.)                                         9


Yogurt (lite/non-fat)                                             11-13


Cheese (1 oz.)                                                        9


Beans/Legumes                                            read label

(not a complete protein w/o

a complex carbohydrate)






TYPE                                                           GRAMS              

Oatmeal (1 serving = ½ cup dry)                    29 grams

          ie: Quaker Oats


Rye Bread (1 slice)                                     15-25 (read label)


Whole wheat pita (1 pocket)                          28


Cream of Rice (1 serving = ¼ cup dry)           39


White/Sweet Potato

   4 oz. = 1 small                                            28

   8 oz. = 1 large                                            56


Couscous (1 oz. dry = ½ cup cooked)           22


Rice (1/2 cup cooked)                                   30


Kidney Beans (1/2 cup or 4 oz.)                     24

(also a protein source)



Type                                                            Grams        

Apple (1 medium – 3” diameter)                     25

Blueberries (1/2 cup)                                      10

Grapefruit (1/2 cup)                                        12



Type                                                Grams     

Broccoli (1 cup)                                             6

Asparagus (4 spears or 4 oz.)                        3

Spinach (1 cup)                                             1

Zucchini (1 cup)                                            4


Tip:  Pay attention to the way your body processes carbohydrates.  Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone believes that 25% of people process carbohydrates efficiently while the rest of us do not process them very well.



Based on the glycemic response:


       Apple                                                 lemon

          Applesauce, unsweetened                lime

          Apricot, fresh only                           mandarin oranges

          Banana, green only                          nectarine

          Blueberries                                     orange

          Boysenberries                                 peaches

          Casaba melon                                 pears

          Cantaloupe                                     persimmon

          Cherries                                         plum  

          Figs, fresh only                               pomegranate

          Grapefruit                                      raspberries

          Honeydew melon                           strawberries

          Kiwi                                              tangerines


          Libby’s Natural Lite canned Pear Halves

          Libby’s Natural Lite canned Sliced Peaches


       No sugars, high fructose corn syrup, grape juice or pineapple juice added.  Juices elevate blood sugar significantly.  Limit consumption or mix ½ juice with ½ water.  Juices that contain pulp have a lower glycemic response than plain juices.

          Unsweetened apple juice (1/2 cup)

          Unsweetened grapefruit juice (1/2 cup)

          Unsweetened orange juice (1/2 cup)

          Tropicana Grovestand OJ (1 cup)

          Unsweetened peach juice (1/2 cup)

          Unsweetened pear juice (1/2 cup)


          Polamer All Fruit Lite

          Fructose jelly and jam

          Sugar-free jelly and jam



          Artichoke                                 Leeks

          Arugula                                     Lettuce

          Asparagus                                Mushroom

          Avocado                                    Mustard Greens

          Brussel sprouts                         Okra

          Beans, garbanzo                        Olives

          Beans, wax or Italian                 Onions

          Beans, green                              Pea Pods

          Beans, lima (not canned)             Peppers, all

          Bean Sprouts                            Pickles, canned or fresh

          Black eyed peas                        Radishes

          Broccoli                                    Rutabaga

          Cabbage, any                             Sauerkraut

          Cauliflower                               Snow Peas

          Celery                                      Spinach

          Chick Peas                                Squash, summer yellow

          Collard greens                           Sweet potatoes

          Egg Plant                                  Tomatoes

          Endive                                      Turnip greens

          Green Pepper                            Water chestnuts

          Kale                                          Zucchini



       Avocado                                    Cole slaw (fat free dressing)

          Cobb salad                                Caesar salad

          Green salad (no carrot)             Vegetable salad (from above)

          Chef salad                                Cucumber salad

          Spinach salad                            Pasta salad (fat free dressing)

          Fruit salad (from above)            Crab Louis

          Shrimp salad                             Pepperoncini pepper salad

          Seafood salad




       Black eyed peas, fresh/frozen

          Black beans, fresh frozen

          Butter beans, canned, frozen or fresh

          Chick peas, dried or canned (dried or better)

          Garbanzo beans, canned/fresh

          Lentils, green or regular

          Green peas, dried or frozen

          Kidney beans, dried or fresh, not canned

          Lima beans, dried or fresh, not canned

          Navy beans

          Peas, green; dried or frozen


Pinto, dried

Soybeans, dried or canned

White haricot, dried


       Barley, coarse

          Rye bread (rye flour=first ingredient)

          Rye, coarse European style

          Rye, whole grain

          Rye, pumpernickel

          Rye, 100% whole grain rye bread

          100 % Whole grain and sprouted wheat bread (Shiloh Farms)

          Pita bread (Alvarado farms sprouted wheat)

          Sponge cake

          Graham crackers

          Ak-Mak 100% stone ground whole-wheat crackers

          Nature’s Choice Real Fruit Bars

          Shiloh Farms 100% Whole grain sprouted or cracked wheat

          Alvarado Farms 100% Sprouted wheat bagels or breads

          Braunschlaggar European style rye bread

          Whole-wheat tortillas (with NO enriched flour)

          Whole-wheat pita (with NO enriched flour)                              

          EZEKIEL 4:9 Sprouted grain bread



          Old fashioned Quaker Oats oatmeal (slow cooking)

          General Mills Fiber One


          Pearled barley cereal

          Buckwheat Kasha


       Pastas vary in their glycemic response ranging from 38-67, but all pastas are in the acceptable glycemic range.  Spaghetti and long pasta have a lower glycemic response than macaroni or small shaped pastas.

          If pasta is boiled for 5 minutes, the glycemic response is lower than that of pasta boiled for 15 minutes.  Canned pastas are on the unacceptable food list.


       Sauces made without corn syrup and sugar


       Rice depends on the cooking time.  The longer you cook rice, the higher the glycemic index.  White rice cooked for 10-25 minutes plus has a high glycemic response, whereas the same rice cooked for only 5 minutes has a reasonable glycemic response.  White rice, polished and boiled only 5 minutes is acceptable.  Bran rice is better than other rice.



          Buckwheat kasha






          Dannon Lite fruit yogurt

          Yogurt, any brand, non-fat, sugar free

          Frozen yogurt, any brand made with Nutrasweet and non-fat

          Baskin Robbins, sugar-free, non-fat frozen yogurt

          TCBY, nonfat sugar free frozen yogurt

          Yoglace – frozen yogurt from I can’t Believe It’s Not Yogurt

          TCBY, Yog-a-bar, sugar free, low-fat, vanilla frozen yogurt dipped

                   In a sugar-free chocolate substitute

          Sherbert, sugar-free

          Creamsicles, low-fat, artificially sweetened

          Popsicles, sugar-free

          Jell-O – Cook-n-serve, sugar-free pudding prepared w/skim milk

          Skim Milk

          Sour Cream

          Cottage Cheese, any

Cheese, any (Alpine Lace Free n’ Lean and Lite-Line are healthy    


Cream cheese, any (Philadelphia Lite Whipped is a healthy choice)

Parmesan cheese, grated (not non-fat)


          Olive Oil

          Canola Oil

          Corn Oil

          Unsaturated corn oil Margarine

          Non-fat, sugar-free Mayonnaise

          I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray

                   (1/3-second spray is 1 serving)


       Sponge cake (2slices)

          Graham Crackers

          Healthy Valley Apple Muffins (1)

          Fig Newtons (2)

          Nutrasweet jellos

          Nutrasweet puddings



       Sugar-free gum

          Soy sauce

          Spices, any

          Broth, low salt

          Ketchup (2-3 teaspoons per day)


          Salsa (sugar-free, no corn syrup added)



       Sodas and diet drinks (with Nutrasweet and NO maltodextrins

                   or glucose polymers)

          Club Soda

          Tonic Water (sugar free)

          Coffee (w/skim milk and/or Nutrasweet or Black)

          Tea (not instant)

          Seltzer waters (sugar-free)

          Flavored waters (sugar-free)

          Lemonade (sugar-free or made with Nutrasweet)

          Hot Chocolate (sugar-free)



          Campbell’s Healthy Request soups: Chicken Noodle,

                   Minestrone or Tomato

          Nile Spice instant soups:  Couscous Vegetable, Chicken Soup

                   w/Almonds, Couscous Lentil Curry

          Progresso soup:  Vegetable

          Manhattan Clam Chowder


          Shrimp Gumbo

          Seafood Gumbo


          Onion Soup

          Lentil Soup                      Italian Minestrone

          Gazpacho                        Black Bean Soup

          Bouillabaisse                    Bean & Pasta Soup (not canned)

          Fish Soups



       Chinese food is included because it has one of the lowest glycemic

            of all the take-out or restaurant food. DO NOT EAT THE RICE.

          Dim Sum, steamed seafood

          Crab Meat Soup

          Hot and sour soup

          Shark fin soup

          Watercress soup

          Moo Goo Gai Pan

          Chicken and broccoli

          Chicken and Chinese vegetables (no carrots or baby corn)

          Eggplant, not fried

          Lo Mein

          BBQ pork appetizer

          Stir-fried green beans

          Shrimp and vegetables (no carrots or baby corn)

          Chicken in foil

          Fish and seafood dishes (no carrots or baby corn)


       Not FRIED

          Lean steaks

          Lean roasts

          Lean pork

          Poultry, any

          Cornish hen


          Fish (any)

          Tuna, canned or fresh


          Egg substitute

          Eggs (2 whole per week)

          Egg whites


          Fructose               Nutrasweet                    Equal

          Aspartame            Sweet N’ Low                  Lactose(milk sugar)




Based on the glycemic response:



            All dried fruits                         Papaya, ripe

                   Applesauce, w/added sugar        Pineapple

                   Banana, ripe                              Prunes

                   Dates                                       Raisens

                   Kiwi, very ripe                          Watermelon




              Glycemic response of juices can vary according to pulp

                   content, concentration, etc.    The following are extremely high

                   on the glycemic index.


                   Beet juice                                 Watermelon juice

                   Carrot juice                              Pineapple juice

                   Celery juice                              Prune juice


                   Any juice sweetened with sugar or high fructose corn syrup or

                   corn syrup. The juices above are known for their cleansing and health

                   benefits.  Keep this in mind.  The glycemic index does have its

                   limitations.  Fruits, Vegetables and their juices are one of

                   these limitations.



                   Beets                                       Potato, baked

                   Carrots                                    French Fries

                   Corn, canned, fresh or frozen    Mashed potatoes

                   Corn on the cob                         Instant potatoes

                   Lima beans                                Microwave potatoes

                   Parsnips                                    Boiled potatoes

                   Winter squash                          Turnips




            Bagel, regular                                    Hot dog buns

                   Barley, whole meal                     Pancakes

                   Biscuits                                      Pumpernickel bread

                   Bread stuffing                             Rye, crisp bread

                   Bread sticks, Italian or regular    Rye, whole meal

                   Corn bread                               Rye, commercial American

                   English Muffins                          Waffles

                   French baguette, plain or wheat  White bread

                   Hamburger Buns                       White rolls

                   Whole meal bread                     Sourdough bread


CEREALS (cold):

                   Bran Flakes                                Puffed Rice

                   Corn Flakes                               Puffed Wheat

                   Corn Chex                                 Rice Crispies

                   Cheerios                                    Shredded Wheat

                   Grape nuts                                Wheetabix



                   Oat Bran Flakes                        Porridge Oats

                   Oat Bran                                   Ready-to-eat processed

                   Instant Oatmeal                         Cereals

                   Oatmeal Porridge                      Wheaten

                   Wheat or Rice precooked

                   Rolled Oats



                   Canned pasta, with or without sauce

                   Canned noodles

                   Macaroni and cheese, canned

                   Spaghetti O’s


                   Pasta cooked to long





                   Sauces made with corn syrup, sugar, honey or any

                   ingredients from the Unacceptable SUGARS list.



            Chinese Rice                              Rice Cakes

                   Brown Rice                                Rice Drinks

                   Glutinous Rice                           Sticky Rice

                   Instant Rice

                   White rice cooked to long.



                    Ice Cream, (low fat low sugar is best)

                   Tofu ice cream

                   Yogurt, with sugar and/or high glycemic fruits

                   Coffee creamers (use non-fat dry milk, skim milk or none)



                   Butter                                       Coconut Oil

                   Palm Kernel Oil                         Saturated Fats

                   Palm Oil                                    MCT Oils



            Corn chips                                       Popcorn, movie-theater

                   French fries                               Popcorn, packaged

                   Popcorn, air popped                 Potato chips

                   Popcorn cakes                          Pretzels

                   Popcorn, fat-free                      Rice cakes

                   (Popcorn fat free is a better bad choice if you must have it)





                   Any soda’s made with sugar or high fructose corn syrup

                   Gatorade or any sports drink made with Maltodextrins or

                   Glucose polymers (read label)

                   Kool-aid (made with sugar)

                   Fruit drinks (made with any of the ingredients from the

                   UNACCEPTABLE SUGAR or FRUIT list)


                   Flavored Waters (made with sugars or any of the ingredients

                   from the UNACCEPTABLE SUGARS list)


                   Instant tea

                   Lipton instant teas

                   Flavored coffees (made with any of the ingredients from the

                   UNACCEPTABLE SUGARS list






                   Sucrose (white sugar)                Honey

                   Corn Syrup                               Molasses

                   High fructose corn syrup          Maple Syrup

                   Glucose                                     Maltodextrins

                   Dextrose                                  Glucose polymers

                   Maltose                                    Sucanat (cane juice)




Based on the glycemic index:


Morning/Mid-day Meals

  • 8” whole wheat tortilla; 4-6 egg whites; 1 oz. Alpine Lace free-n-lean cheddar cheese; salsa; 1 cup mixed berries (blueberries, strawberries or raspberries).
  • General Mills Fiber One Cereal (1 serving); 1 cup skim milk; 4 egg whites with salsa or 1 cup veggies scrambled with eggs:  mushrooms, onions or peppers.
  • Huevos Rancheros:  3 egg whites w/ chopped onion, green pepper, tomato, chili powder and cilantro; ½ cup kidney beans (dried or fresh); 1 oz. low-fat cheddar cheese; 8” whole wheat tortilla
  • Slow cooking oats (1/2 cup dry) with cinnamon and equal mixed w/blueberries and 1 scoop of protein powder on the side
  • Eggs Florentine:  4-6 egg whites, 1 cup mushrooms, ¼ cup onions, 1cup spinach; 1 oz. low-fat mozzarella cheese; 1 piece of rye or sprouted wheat toast
  • Bagel & Lox: 1 plain rye or sprouted wheat bagel; 3 oz lox or smoked salmon; with light cream cheese (Philadelphia lite whipped is a good brand)
  • Egg-white omelet: 4 egg whites; 2-3 oz. chicken breast; 1 piece rye or sprouted wheat toast
  • Dannon lite fruit yogurt (or any sugar-free/fat-free yogurt) with 1 scoop of Designer protein powder; 1 piece sprouted wheat bread with 1 tbs. Of peanut butter (tip: eat yogurt half way down the mix in 1 scoop of the protein powder, stir well)


Mid-day/Evening Meals

·         1 whole wheat or sprouted wheat pita pocket; 4 oz. turkey breast; tomato, onion, cucumber w. 2 tsp. Of non-fat/sugar-free mayonnaise or better yet mustard

·         Vegetarian egg-salad pita: 9 oz. mashed tofu with chopped scallions, parsley, paprika, and garlic salt; 2 tsp non-fat/sugar-free mayo; tomato slices; 1 whole wheat or sprouted wheat pita pocket

·         Chili: 4 oz. extra lean ground turkey browned with onions, mushrooms, green peppers, chili powder, oregano and 1 tsp. Olive oil; 1 cup kidney beans, 1 ½ cup crushed canned tomatoes (simmer

30 minutes); may top with 1 oz. shredded low-fat Monterey jack cheese

·         Ginger Chicken Stir Fry: 4 oz. chicken breast with chopped onions, red and green peppers, mushrooms; 2 tsp. Grated ginger; 1 ¼ cup broccoli; 1 cup snow peas; 1 tsp. Peanut oil

·          Curried Chicken: 4 oz. chicken breast browned with garlic, onions and red/green peppers and curry powder; 1 & ½ cups steamed veggies; ½ cup couscous

·         Chicken Fajitas: 4 oz. chicken breast browned with 1 tbs. Of lime juice, red and green peppers and onions; 8” whole wheat tortilla; 2tbs. Guacamole; 4 tbs. Salsa; 1 cup gazpacho soup

·         Grilled Chicken Caesar salad: 4 oz. chicken breast, 3 cups romaine lettuce; 2 tsp. Olive oil or canola oil based dressing

·         4-6 oz. tuna fish with scallions and celery and 2 tbs. Of fat-free/sugar-free mayo served on top of 2 cups of mixed greens; 1 cup of black bean soup or lentil soup



·         8 oz. Nutrasweet, non-fat frozen yogurt

·         8 oz. sugar-free sherbet

·         Sugar-free Popsicles (w/nutrasweet)

·         Jell-O brand sugar-free pudding prepared with skim milk

·         Nature’s Choice brand Real Fruit Bar

·         Graham Crackers (4 max)

·         Nutrasweet Jell-O’s

·         Nutrasweet Pudding’s

·         Fig Newton’s (regular not the non-fat) (2 max)



The following is a list of miscellaneous items:

Sugar-free gum, Soy sauce, all spices, Low salt broth, 3 tsp. of ketchup per day, 3 tsp. of mustard per day, Salsa (sugar-free with no corn syrup), I can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”  (1/3 second spray), Olive oil, Corn oil, Canola Oil, Unsaturated corn oil, Non-fat/sugar-free mayonnaise and Fructose sweetened or Sugar-free jelly and jam

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