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Follow along my fitness business journey. As you can watch me and learn from my victories and challenges. This is designed to assist you to optimize your life and business success.  

2016 Plan Do Reviews 

Look and listen in on my live consultations while having the client on the phone and the computer at the same time.

Here is a live demonstrations of me performing what I call the"Oak Wood Consultation for Phone Coaching" where the person I am consulting and I are on the phone and on the computer at the same time. Click the demonstrations below and you will use a combination of the phone script and the Oak Consultation

Click the link below for a LIVE demonstration of the Oak Wood Consultation. 


I am going to be adding more live demonstrations to the members only area as soon as I can get them in. 

You also have all of my forms with full access in word doc so you can make them your own.

Click the following link to access the Members only Fitness Business Support Group:

Fitness Business Facebook Support Group.

Below is a snap shot of the Fitness Business forms available for you to make your own. Look in the "Files" area in the FB Group link above

I will be adding more content and and updating you when I do.


Mark Saunders

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