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According to The Tucson Personal Trainers...there are hundreds of different exercise programs to choose from and any one of them can work if they are grounded in a few basic principles of exercise science. There are also dozens of compelling approaches to nutrition as well. As long as they are calorie deficit, any diet can cause weight loss.*

I am not telling you that nutrition and exercise strategies aren’t important. If you don’t work smart, you can work hard and still get little or no results. On the other hand, two people could use the same strategy and one will succeed and the other one will fail. If you want to know the difference between the two of them, then don’t stop to ask what diet or workout program to follow. I believe the most important question to ask is: What makes you FOLLOW your program?*

What makes you take action? Where does the motivation come from? Why do some people persist and others quit? What causes someone to sabotage a perfectly good plan? All the answers are in the mind. As Tucson Personal Trainers, I believe if you can learn to think like a lean person, you will increase your chances of becoming one.*

Your attitude is your perspective or unique way of looking at things. Different people may experience the same situation in a completely different way. Some people see the positive side of things, while others may be more pessimistic.*

Most people allow their present results and circumstances to control their attitude. They look at the scale and their attitude reflects what the scale says. If their weight is down, their attitude is positive. If their weight is up, their attitude is negative. They look in the mirror and if they like what they see, they’re happy. If they don’t, they’re not. It never occurs to them that attitude is an inside job; attitude is a choice.*

As the Tucson Personal Trainers, we know anybody can be positive when the results are good, but successful people choose a positive attitude when it counts the most (in the face of difficulty). Changing your attitude is a simple matter of changing the way you look at things. Are you focusing on your plan of action, your physique goal or are you focusing on how “hard” this is? Start today by choosing to focus on how you want your body to look and what you can do about it. Start by installing these seven essential success attitudes and beliefs that make change possible:*

1. It’s Achievable
2. I am Able
3. I Must Achieve It
4. I Deserve It
5. I Want It
6. I Expect It
7. I Am Willing

There is a huge difference between wishing and willing. Almost everybody would like lots of money, a nice home, great relationships, perfect health, and a lean body. But not many are willing to do what it takes to get them. As Tucson Personal Trainers, we know when you are willing to do whatever it takes, you’re ready to receive whatever you want.*

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