Which Meal Replacement Shake is Best for you?*
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*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

How can meal replacement shakes help you?


There are two major obstacles in today’s culture that make healthy eating a formidable challenge One obstacle is our schedule. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle often has us rushing out the door to work or school with no time for breakfast. We often sacrifice good nutrition for convenience, opting for the high-fat combo meal or the nutrient-starved microwave dinner instead of a meal that’s fresh and nutritious.*

The other obstacle is that even healthy options may not always be as balanced or complete as we need them to be. For example, the right amount of protein and other nutrients may also be high in calories and fat. It’s difficult to take the time to prepare healthy meals on a regular basis, and yet that’s exactly what our body needs to maintain steady energy levels.*

According to Lisa Lynn writing a post for Doctor Oz, "Meal-replacement shakes are an effective, easy way to drop pounds. They teach you how to eat less and lose weight quickly and permanently – and the right shake can boost your metabolism by 25%. Who doesn’t need that?"*

With so many choices for meal replacement shakes available what do we do? Which one is best for you? What one tastes the best? Which one has the highest nutritional value? Which one is the most filling?*

This post is intended to help clear up some of the confusion around this topic. Keyword on some. A good tip is to read the labels on any shake containers so you can make an informed decision.*
What you want to look for will be based on your goals.  Most peoples' primary goals are to be healthy and to burn fat. If that is you, I would look for something very low in sugar and with a low glycemic value.  Sugar content is usually one of the first things I check when reading any label.*

Besides quality nutrition in a most people are concerned with taste. Most of the people I have been blessed to work with do better when food taste great. If it doesn't taste really good, many of the people who need it the most will not drink it. Some of the Visalus shakes taste so good, it is like drinking a dessert!*

Quick tip: If you can make any healthy food taste good, you will more likely be consistent with your diet.*  
Meal replacement shakes like Muscle Milk, Lean Body and Myoplex can be purchased at most supplement retail stores and will do in a pinch. I personally like companies like Visalus, Advocare, Isagenix, Shakeology, Mannatech, Melaleuca and Herbalife because they all have extensive research behind them and most of these companies are on a war against obesity. You may not know it, but obesity is at an all time high and 7 out of 10 people are over weight.*

Many people have gotten their weight under control by drinking two low glycemic meal replacement shakes a day and a tasty healthy meal.* 

The ingredients in each of the different meal replacement shakes will vary. Each one has their own unique spin on a shake. Frankly, I know several people have had success on all of them and I personally like most of them. With that in mind, a friend of mine is bringing me some Advocare samples soon and I drank some of another friends Shakeology the other day and loved it.*

Bottom line, most people do not get enough proper nutrition. A quality meal replacement shake can really help! They are convenient and can be made to taste great!*

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A new study from the National Institute on Aging says physical fitness may be tied to slower memory decline. Participants who were more fit made 25% fewer errors on a test of memory and concentration. *
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Mark Saunders
The Tucson Personal Trainer

According to WebMD Diet Shakes:
"The Simplest Way to Diet

Diet shakes and other meal replacements are a boon when you lack the time or motivation to shop for and prepare balanced meals. They also help when you just don't want to think too hard about what to eat to lose weight.

If you are consistently missing a certain meal, such as breakfast, then a meal replacement shake is better than nothing. That's because studies show eating breakfast fosters long-term weight control." *

According to Lisa Lynn :

"Why do meal replacements or protein shakes for breakfast work? Simply put, weight loss occurs when your metabolism gets moving and you put out more calories than you take in. If you were to replace your 750-calorie bagel and orange juice meal with a 155-calorie protein shake, you’d save 595 calories per day. And you’d see the results on your bathroom scale in no time.*


We can’t be perfect all the time, so we need calorie safe havens that keep us anchored while we learn how to eat correctly. Protein shakes that contain nutrients offer those safe havens. Most people love them because they don’t have to think about food, plan meals or buy expensive products. You can even make them yourself. To start, try one of my favorite recipes: a mocha madness shake that tastes amazing.*


Fat-Burning Mocha Madness

  • In a blender, mix ½ cup of cold water (you can add more or less water depending on the consistency you prefer).
  • Add 2 scoops of nutrient-rich chocolate-flavored protein powder.
  • Add 1 tsp of granulated instant coffee.
  • Gradually add 5 ice cubes to thicken.
  • Blend on high for one minute (in a pinch, this shake can also be made by simply mixing ingredients together in a glass with a spoon).
  • Drink yourself skinny!*

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

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