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Mark Saunders*

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

Being overweight and/or obese is the 2nd cause of preventable deaths. The following information will assist you from being a statistic. You get sample meals, sample menu plans, good foods vs. bad foods, how to enjoy a healthy diet and smart choices when selecting foods.*

Here is what you will learn:*

Lifestyle vs. quick fix

Consistency is what keeps you on track

How much water should I be drinking

What is protein for?

What are carbohydrates for?

What purpose do fats serve?

What about vitamins & minerals?

How does eating affect my energy levels?

What is the glycemic index?

Use supplements intelligently

What are good food choices

What role does fiber play with my nutrition

What are antioxidants?

How often should I eat?

What role does insulin and blood sugar play in my diet?

How to enjoy a health diet?

Things to do less often (or not at all)

Don’t pig out before bed

Tasty recipes

What does biological value mean?

Carbs vs. Protein

How do exercise and diet go together?

What will you have for dinner tonight?

Why are Americans getting fatter?

What should you have for breakfast?

Plan ahead (organize your meals)

If you have to travel take a cooler

Once you have achieved your desired weight police it regularly

Don’t binge and crash diet-The steady pace wins the race

Make smart choices when selecting foods

Push away from the table before your stuffed*

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

All this and much more will be sent to you as a PDF file via the internet. Use the POWER of the internet to start reaching your goals today!*

Mark Saunders
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*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

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