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*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

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Are you the type of guy that likes to have to have the best of the best? Are you ready to have a leaner healthier more energetic physique that you deserve?*

Maybe you have done exceptionally well in your career or business yet that healthy lean body has eluded you.*

My name is Mark Saunders and since the age of 14 years old I have put my focus on having one of the best drug free bodies in the world. 

As of the writing of this article, I have been actively pursuing health and fitness for over 32 years. 

I have personally performed over 30,000 one on one personal training sessions and have assisted thousands of people lose over 30,000 pounds of fat lost.*

At the age of 14, my two older brother always pushed me to workout with them and once I got a taste of the results, I took to it right away. You could even say I was obsessed with building a better body. It was to the point where when I got in trouble as a teenager, my parents would take weight lifting away as a punishment lol

I would and still do read everything I can get my hands on. I picked up every nugget I could get from the amazing experienced lifters at the time and currently brain storm with respected coleagues. At the age of 14, I competed in my first bodybuilding competition (got 3rd place out of three lol). By the way, the winner was 19 years old and went on to compete in the Mr. Teenage South Carolina that year.* 

At the age of 15 (and a thin 145 lbs) ,while in the locker room at a small private school, I told my school coach I was going to win the Mr. Teenage South Carolina by or before the age of 19. He told me "maybe the Miss Teenage South Carolina'. That really lit a fire underneath me and at the age of 19....

and 50 pounds of later I won two teen-age state bodybuilding titles and place third in the Nationals. I always hoped he saw that article. He probably forgot all about our conversation. Sometimes a challenge and bring out the best in us. 

Since then here are a few career high lights:

2008 NPC Natural Western USA Open Men's Light Heavy Weight FIRST PLACE


2001 NGA Western America Pro-Qualifier OVERALL WINNER

1999 MUSCLE MANIA WORLD NATURAL BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS 3rd place light heavy weight division

1998 MUSCLE MANIA WORLD NATURAL BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2nd place light heavy weight division

1997 MUSCLE MANIA WORLD NATURAL BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIPS 9th place light heavy weight division

I say all of that not to impress you. I say that to impress upon you I have over 30 years on this journey of how to make bodies leaner, healthier and more fit body. I have coached and personally trained over 20 years. I have over 30,000 hours of experience with specific one on one personal training and coaching. I teach what I call "The Five Elements of Physical Progress.*

You will find all about this when we do your consultation. Our initial consultation is complimentary. This is where we go over YOUR goals and I show you how we are going to get you there. 

If that is something you would like to do, please go ahead now and fill out the form below so I can contact you and schedule it as soon as possible.

Mark Saunders PTS Physique Transformation Specialist

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

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