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Positive Thinking
by Anthony "Tony" Reill

I remember my motorcycle safety instructor used to tell us "Wherever your head is, your body will follow...so when making turns, make sure to turn your head in the direction of your turn." As the Tucson personal trainer, this made sense to me, and I was able to experience the wisdom of his advice first-hand on many occasions, while riding. Little did I know, just how universal his advice would be when likened to our thoughts and how we think each day.*

Many of us are familiar with the phrase "garbage in...garbage out." It's a term typically used in programming, which basically states that poor programming leads to poor performance or results. The same can be said of our daily lives. If we fill our heads with thoughts of failure, or unpleasant memories, we are likely to experience the very same...we will either fail at whatever we are working on, or we will create a totally new, negative experience.*

Conversely, if we focus on positive thoughts of success, like "I can do these last few reps!" for example, odds are, we will succeed and create a new, positive memory in the process.*

Okay, now that's all well and good...now what? How do we focus on positive things instead of the negative ones? Well, let's face it, it seems to be a universal constant...it is easier to destroy than to create. Likewise, it is easier to focus on negative things than positive...or is it? Just look at the mainstream media, for example...ever notice how the news will sensationalize a 10-car pileup on I-10? They bombard us with graphic images, dramatic music, and gruesome statistics of body counts...not very positive, is it? We need to be careful about the things we are exposed to in our days...if we have stressful jobs, deal with stressful co-workers all day, and then come home to "disaster-central" on the evening news, one can see how difficult it can be to focus on the positive things.*

As the Tucson Personal Trainer, how can we do this? It's SIMPLE, actually (there's a positive word for you!). Here's another...JOY! Or how about this one...LOVE? Short words with a positive message, yes? Try making a list of a few, short, positive words and place them in conspicuous places at home, at work, or wherever you spend a good deal of your time each day. In doing so, you can increase the amount of positive ideas you are exposed to each day.*

Next, recall a happy memory and re-create the details like where it took place, the time of day, or season in which it took place, smells, sights, sounds...the more detail the better. Some studies have shown that daily practice of this technique will result in your brain actually producing chemicals called "Endorphins," which are known to help us feel better, either by improving our moods or helping little aches and pains subside or go away completely.*

So how does this translate to performing better in the gym? As the Tucson personal trainer, try recalling some positive memories before your workout. While exercising, tell yourself you can do the reps or the sets. Keep doing this and you will eventually believe it...just as you may already believe you cannot, resulting in not being able to finish your reps or set. Once you start to truly believe, nothing will be able to stop you from reaching your fitness goals...or any of your other goals for that matter!*

A great man once said, "Whether you believe you can or that you cannot, either way, you are right." If that's the case, then make a choice and choose to focus on another short word "CAN." I like that one too!

Be Well, Be Dynamic!!

Anthony Reill

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