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Fat Burning Tips*

For optimal fat burning don't do cardio before your workout. If you want to do it before the workout as a warmup thats okay. In that case we are talking about cardio as a warm up not a cardio session aimed at buring fat. That will come after you train, not before. If you are sequencing the workout properly.*

Ever heard you will burn more fat on an empty stomach? If would more truthful and exact if we say you burn more fat during cardio if your body is depleted of carbohydrates.*

The body stores carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in your liver. Then as you need them for energy, the glycogen stores are used until they are depleted. The problem is that the body will not burn fat until the glycogen stores are used up. At THIS point the body will use fat for energy.*

When we weight train, the bodies preferred energy source is carbohydrates. If you weight train before cardio, the glycogen necessary is used both available and used. As you train, the glycogen is used for energy and depleted. DEPLETED GLYCOGEN ;-) Exactly where you want to be when you start cardio. Now go for fat burning cardio where you keep your heart rate at about 65-75% of your max heart rate for 20-40 min.*

Tucson Personal Trainer other Fat Burning Tips*

THERMOGENESIS is the production of body heat through a) the oxidation of foods, b) physical means and c) biochemical means. There are many ways to induce a calorie burning thermogenic response in your body such that your fat-loss efforts will be far more effective. Consider the following: sauna, certain thermogenic herbs, exercise and small frequent meals.*

RESISTANCE EXERCISE maintains or increases your lean body weight. As you increase your lean weight your metabolism also increases, both during exercise and at rest. This is why dieting alone is not an effective means to losing fat. Even diet with aerobics only is not the answer. You must do strength training in order to increase lean body weight.*

YOU CANNOT DECREASE THE NUMBER OF FAT CELLS YOU WERE BORN WITH. Research shows us that “dieting” does not reduce the number of fat cells you have but it can reduce the size of these cells. It is believed that the number of fat cells is somewhat genetic and can only be increased during early childhood.*

DON’T STARVE YOURSELF. A problem many people face is their willingness to starve themselves in order to lose fat. By starving yourself, your fat cells “learn” to conserve energy (fat) more efficiently. Therefore, it gets more difficult to lose fat each time you diet.*

YOU MUST EAT TO LOSE FAT. If you lower your calorie intake too much, your metabolism will slow down and you will be defeating your sole purpose of “dieting”. It will become much more difficult to lose fat even if you are exercising.*

KNOW WHEN TO EAT. Although how much you eat is important, it is just as important to know what to eat and when to eat it. An integrated approach is crucial to long-term success.*

EATING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF A FAT REDUCTION PROGRAM. In fact some experts say that good nutrition accounts for up to 80 percent of the physique developing process. Therefore if you want to reduce body fat you should direct most of your efforts toward your eating habits.*

POOR AND/OR INCONSISTENT NUTRITIONAL HABITS are the reason many people fail to achieve their body fat reduction goals.

FEEDING YOUR BODY essential nutrients at regular intervals throughout the day are a key to burning body fat.*

To create an effective nutritional program, you must determine three things:*

1. The main purpose of each of the three macro-nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and fats

2. The number of calories you need to consume in order to meet your specific physique enhancement goals

3. The percentage of calories that should come from protein, carbohydrates and fats

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