Tucson Personal Training Tips To Boost Your Metabolism*

1. Eat protein at every meal.

2. Keep carbs to a minimum but don’t cut them out entirely.

3. Eat often but never to the point where you feel full.

4. Eliminate all simple sugars, (This is a tough one, but sugar is the main culprit toward a sluggish metabolism.)

5. Learn to recognize hidden sugar. High glycemic foods such as rice cakes, potatoes, fruit juices and cereals can affect the body in a similar fashion to plain table sugar.

6. Never skip a meal or allow yourself to go too hungry. Not only does this practice slow down the metabolism, but it also increases the desire to binge.

7. Include a good amount of unsaturated fats in your diet. The body needs fat in order to burn fat. Olive oil is an excellent choice. Pour it on!

8. Drink plenty of water. Besides the obvious benefits, being in a dehydrated state is extremely catabolic (meaning you will burn you precious muscle for energy thereby slowing down your metabolism).

9. Take in adequate fiber. (Especially important when cutting carbs!)

10. Supplement with additional vitamins and minerals to guard against nutritional deficiencies.


1. PLAN AHEAD, ORGANIZE YOUR MEALS AND WORKOUTS. If you don’t have a plan you don’t stand a chance. If you don’t plan on a day-to-day basis, what inevitably happens is that the day takes an unexpected turn, and you blow off a meal, eat the wrong thing for convenience, or skip a workout.*

2. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES to not eat five or six meals each day. The only way you will make 100 percent progress on your program is by eating all those meals. As long as you can afford to buy the food (food meals, shakes and bars), nothing should keep you away from your meals. You must become consistent, disciplined eating machine. If you work away from home or travel, buy several sealable plastic containers, fix and pack all your meals and take them with you. Use a small cooler to keep the food from spoiling.*

3. You must set up an environment for keeping yourself on track. If you think you can wing it at restaurants along the way, you will be setting yourself up for failure.*

4. Drink water to help you achieve a dynamic body.*

5. As I have said many times before, eating clean foods is essential to your progress. There is one element of nutrition, however, that is often neglected or overlooked. That element is water (or fluid intake). It is one thing that is easy to do. This simple task of drinking water if neglected, will derail your fitness goals.*

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

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