Lesson 7
Work Ethic
Your Business

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Other work I did today:

Published this page >>https://www.thetucsonpersonaltrainer.com/Lesson7_WorkEthic_hf.html

For the Health and Fitness Support Group

Here are my like and dislikes:


1. The information is simple and easy to understand. I like to teach people at a 7th grade level

2. I am inclusive in my communication "we".

3. The sound quality is decent.

4. I liked my introductory statement

5. I like that it was under 1:52 in length. I have read from experts, it can be more difficult to say less. When done properly it can be very effective.

6. Bonus: I like that I have the opportunity to influence many people to stay health and fit, lose weight and enjoy life to the fullest. 


1. I would like to get the Power Point notes off of the screen. 

2. Sound quality can still be better. 

3. I can pronounce my words better than I am doing.

4. Dislike the 3 second silent delay in the beginning. 

5. I dislike how long it took me to do that prepare for the video, upload the video to YouTube, post the video to my site > >> https://www.thetucsonpersonaltrainer.com/Lesson7_WorkEthic_hf.html , add the heading, additional resources, input the link in an autoresponder in Constant Contact that will be delivered to the group on on a daily basis. 

I am confident the more I do, the faster I will get and eventually I may outsource this to a virtual assistant.

I may do the video, upload the video to You Tube, let her add the heading, additional resources, input the link in an autoresponder in Constant Contact and I inspect for quality control.

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