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Fitness Business Coaching Lessons
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Lesson 20 - How to Become a Successful Personal Trainer

Lesson 19 - Progress Equals Happiness

Lesson 18 - How to Visualize Your Service Business

Lesson 17 - Forcing Your Calendar

Lesson 16 - Grains of Sand

Lesson 15 - Gazelles and Lions

Lesson 14 - Pull versus Push

Lesson 13 - 4 Types of Customers

Lesson 12 - 1 in 4 Succeed

Lesson 11 - Clarity - Process - Consistency

Lesson 10 - Top Income Earners are Fully Committed 

Lesson 9 - Money Follows Speed

Lesson 8 - Our Beliefs Control Us

Lesson 7 - Work Ethic and Fitness Business

Lesson 6 - Self Discipline

Lesson 5 - Visualize to Actualize

Lesson 4 - Whatever You Want to Get Better at...

Lesson 3 - Being Casual Leads to Casualties

Lesson 2 - What Are Your Daily Rituals

Lesson 1 - 8 Area to Measure Your Life & Business

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