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We the Tucson Personal Trainers have added Group Fitness to our program. We are referring our network to Ignite Fitness to fulfill this need locally and will be expanding to live streaming and a 12 week program where you can follow along at home with our support. This is a great way to lower the cost of your program and have awesome results.*

We have found that by exercising 3-5 times a week greatly enhances your ability to make progress faster. For many people, purchasing 3-4 one-on-one personal training sessions a week is not possible. Group training allows you to get in more workouts for less cost.*

Call me (Mark) at 520.400.9573 and/or fill out the form below now so we can schedule you a consultation and find out how we can help you reach your goals through group training. Below is Matt (the owner of Ignite) coaching one of the classes and then there is a sample schedule of what we are offering.*

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

Note: The group schedule is subject to change.

Most people know exercise is good for them and want to begin exercising. However, they do not know the first step to take. They are bombarded with urgent messages from the media to exercise, but receive little guidance on how to initiate that process.*

This can be a very overwhelming task, especially when our lives are hectic. Group exercise offers a workout for all levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Participants do not need to know how to develop a safe and effective workout or which machines to use or for how long; it is already done for them.*

They simply have to show up with a positive attitude, participate, and most importantly, have fun. Many people quit an exercise program because of time constraints. Participating in group exercise may help overcome this obstacle.*

Particularly if you are able to do it on your own schedule from home. Some facilities offer 30- and 45-minute classes for individuals with limited time. In addition, the consistency in scheduling offered by group exercise programs allows participants to choose a time and schedule it in their planner as they do other daily activities.*

Our group instructors love what they do and it shows in the fun and excitement of the classes. Give it a try for yourself. All you have to lose is the fat.*

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors.

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*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors.

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