Tucson Personal Training...Losing Weight and the Glycemic Index*

Losing weight can be done by using the glycemic index to our favor. This is a no nonsense approach and has helped me and my clients reach our fitness goals. This approach is basically manipulating insulin and blood sugar in a way that keeps us healthy and LEAN!*

Insulin and Blood Sugar Levels are affected by the way we eat. Have you ever even heard of the glycemic index (before this article course)?

The glycemic index is a scale that rates how fast food enters into your body. Some foods enter faster or slower than others.

Pretend for a moment that you have a fireplace, it is wintertime and we want to have a fire going all day long. In your fireplace, would you rather burn paper or oak wood?

I know it sounds silly. The obvious answer is oak wood. Why? Oak wood will burn longer. The glycemic index informs you which foods burn like paper or oak. To keep it simple we will say that the scale ranges from 0-100. The closer we get to 0 the food would be more like oak wood. The closer we get to 100 the food would be more like paper.

When eaten in excess, faster burning carbohydrates (paper) like most cereals, breads, fruit juices, sweets, etc., will likely store as fat. To enable the body to access and burn fat you must control the amount and type of foods you eat.

The glycemic index does have its limitations. The foods are ranked according to how they affect the body's blood-sugar level. The list is not necessarily a measurement of total nutritional values, but when used sensibly, it can help you choose foods that will keep your hunger, blood sugar and resulting food choices in check.

To keep things simple we have cut this list in half. One half is what we call acceptable and the other half is unacceptable. This is not to say that you can never eat unacceptable foods again. It is simply a tool to help you make informed decisions on what you eat.*

To view the list of the acceptable and unacceptable foods visit
The Tucson Personal Trainer Food List

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