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To Workout, or Not to Workout

Anthony Reill

We want to know, as Tucson Personal Trainers...are you ever faced with those times when you may be having a little internal battle over getting in your workout or just taking a day off? Of course you have (smile).*

We have all been faced with those kinds of choices, haven't we? For example, think back to a time when you were in high school, or perhaps getting your degree. Your instructor tells you, at the beginning of the term, that you have a major paper due at the end of the term, and that is worth 50% of your final grade! OUCH! So, being the diligent student, you begin to work on your paper right away.*

So there you are, researching, typing, and while pondering the origins of the universe, a couple of your friends call and invite you out for a snack. Not a difficult choice is it? I mean, your paper isn't due for several more weeks...what's one night off going to do, right? So, off you go with your friends, leaving your paper for another night. Obviously, your priority at the time was not finishing your paper it was having a good time with your friends. After all, your paper isn't due until the end of the term.*

As Tucson Personal Trainers, we understand, this type of situation is one we face every time we make a decision. Many behavior experts and motivational speakers would say that every choice we make boils down to seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, a.k.a., "The Pleasure/Pain Principle." Applying this logic to the previous scenario, our student sought the pleasure of a fun time out with friends and avoided the pain of staying home and working on the term paper.*

Now, let's skip forward 13 weeks. The paper is due next week, and it still isn't finished. You get to work, and after a short time, you get a call from your friends inviting you to join them for a drink, or two...or three...you know the drill. Do you go out with them? Well, you could, but now the perceived pain of not getting your paper done, thus receiving a poor grade in the class, and most likely having to retake the entire course outweighs your perception of the pleasure you will experience in having a fun time with your friends.*

Now, as Tucson Personal Trainers, we are not trying to teach you all a 'silver bullet' that is guaranteed to get you into the gym every time you are scheduled...hey, Life Happens! All we hope to do with this article is help you to understand some of the processes we, as humans, go through in making the choices we make, and perhaps understanding more fully, the "why" behind our actions.*

Trust me, and yourself...you will choose whatever your priority option is...every time.

Food for thought!

Be Well, Be Dynamic!*

Anthony Reill
Your Tucson Personal Trainer

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors.

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