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As Tucson Personal Trainers we want you to enjoy the ride of life.*

I was getting ready to drive my son to school the other morning, and realized we were about 5 minutes behind schedule. Naturally, my internal alarms started kicking in and I could feel my stress levels begin to rise. I also noticed that I was moving just a tad faster…mix the shake, find my socks, call out to my son, “get your shoes!” Rush, rush, rush…”hurry, we are going to be late!”…Or, are we?*

I recall being told in my ‘occasional’ Traffic Survival Classes, that speeding really doesn’t save us all that much time. Once you do the math, speeding by 5 mph saves about 30-90 seconds on total travel time across town. Well, I am not too sure about those numbers, but I can say for me, it sure feels good to go just a little faster…what can I say? I am a pilot! Maybe that’s why I have been in traffic school once or twice.*

So here I was rushing yet again to get to my destination and then it hit me…Why not just relax, don’t buy in to the “Tucson 500” this morning and just take my time? So that’s what I did, I relaxed, took my time. Okay, okay, I did go about 5 mph over on the I-10, you got me on that, but would you believe we arrived at my son’s school right on time?!!! Funny how that works. There I was doing about 70 mph, people still passing me on the I-10. We arrived on time, despite that fact that we left late. Seems like ‘late’ is a relative term, isn’t it? I guess it’s how we perceive things. Following that line of thought, with all of the people passing me on the I-10, one could conclude that many of them were ‘late’ too? Ya think???*

As Tucson Personal Trainers, during my studies at the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, a.k.a. “DIHA,” we were taught in our Eastern Medicine class that the earth and everything in it vibrates at specific frequencies. Now that may sound a bit ‘out there,’ but I can assure you that there have been studies that back this up. All things have movement, even if only at a molecular level, and those movements or vibrations have frequencies. We were also taught that many scientists believe the earth’s frequency has steadily increased over the eons. We were taught that scientists think about 1,000 years ago, the Earth’s frequency was vibrated at around 4 Hertz (Hz). In 2000, that frequency was about 11 Hz, and it has also been measured by NASA to be as high as 14 Hz! Looks like things are speeding up! I guess that’s no surprise…just look around, notice how fast everything is moving, from technology and communications, to people just walking on the streets?*

So what does this mean for us? As Tucson Personal Trainers we know we are made up of molecules, we also vibrate at various frequencies, depending on a few factors including: our moods, health, stress levels, sleep patterns, hydration, and what we are doing (watching a scary movie or a romantic comedy)…the list goes on. Some studies suggest that the faster we ‘vibrate’ the faster we AGE!*

Now I am sure you have all heard the rhetoric…stress ages us faster, takes years off of our lives. As Tucson Personal Trainers, we have been told this for years. I, for one, believe this to be true. I have been training clients the world over for better than 20 years, and I can tell you, without a doubt, that stress ages us prematurely. How much, depends on factors such as genetics, stress levels and duration of the stress, just to list a few. So, higher vibrational frequencies and higher stress levels go hand-in-hand. What now? How do we resist these effects and live longer, more vital lives?*

As Tucson Personal Trainers, we want you to SLOOOOOWWWW DOOOWWWNNNN…(This is the “Fountain of Youth!”)*

We have to learn to relax. I would start with something simple like leaving 15 minutes early for work or an appointment. You would be amazed at what that time cushion can do for you in helping you to relax. No ducking and weaving, or cutting others off for that coveted, 10-feet of space behind the car in the adjacent lane…you know what I’m talking about!*

Or try this one. When you feel stress coming on, count to 5, and take slow, deep breaths with each count…don’t shoot for 10 seconds, that’s too long, in my opinion. (ironic huh? Here I am telling you how to slow down and relax, and here we are, in a hurry to relax…10 seconds is too long!).*

As Tucson Personal Trainers...We recommend listening to uplifting music, or comedy while driving, or at home. Heavy metal might be fun, but it can raise blood pressure and bombard you with a lot of extra sounds that may make it difficult to relax; the same goes for rap, and other loud, fast-beat, or angry-lyric music. Laughter, on the other hand, has been proven to lower blood pressure, and can help our brains produce endorphins, which help us relax.*

Stay Hydrated. We are ½ mile high above sea-level here in the Old Pueblo. Keep a small cooler in your car with chilled water. Being dehydrated, even a percentage point or two, can greatly reduce your ability to handle stress. And at this altitude, we can lose our body water faster, especially in the hotter months.*

Prep early or the night before you get up for work or an appointment. You will find that the whole tempo of your morning seems quite a bit slower and more relaxed. Don’t be surprised if things seem to just ‘fall into place for you’ when you are in this state.*

Take breaks during your day. Even 5 or 10 minutes can make a huge difference in a stressful environment. Think of it as calling for a “time out.” That short time might be all you need to recharge your batteries.*

As Tucson Personal Trainers...We know there are literally millions of different ways we can teach ourselves to relax. I hope this little list proves helpful to you. Once you practice these types of techniques on a regular basis, your “frequency” will be lower, and though you are aware of stress all around you, you will feel like you have this invisible ‘force field of calm’ surrounding you…sort of your ‘zone of peace,’ or “ZEN ZONE.” I like that one! While in your zone, time will seem to pass a little more slowly for you and perhaps you may add a few more precious moments of vitality to your life.*

Remember the immortal words of Ferris Bueller who said, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!”

Your Tucson Personal Trainers, Be Well, Be Dynamic!!*


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