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Personal Training Tucson
"5 Elements of Physical Progress" *

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

Personal Training Tucson

The principles I am going to share with you are fundamental to truly achieve a lean healthy body. The right amount of effort must be put into the right things. Our Tucson personal training team, realize far too many people put too much effort into the wrong things.  These things may or may not produce at best a small amount of progress.  Yet these same people spend little effort making sure they are taking care of the basics-the things that must be in order for physical progress to occur. When maximized, doing the basics can produce astounding changes!*

     Maybe it’s human nature to get caught up in the trees and lose sight of the forest.  I don’t know, but I do know this is the primary reason many people never reach their full potential.*

Please fill out the form below for a complimentary "Get Crystal Clear On Your Goals" consultation. This is where we meet on the phone or in person, go over your goals, discover what may be holding you back and make a game plan for your success. 

Health & Fitness
Complimentary Consultation.

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Personal Training Tucson

 will teach you how and hold you accountable to the "5 Elements of a Physical Progress.

The "5 Elements of Physical Progress" can enable you to stay grounded in the most important aspects of developing your body.

Let’s look at an overview.

TRAINING - Almost everyone thinks they know how to train after a year or so of working out.  In reality, the more you learn, the more you discover what you don’t know.  As much as I pride myself on my passionate search and discovery of training methods, it has taken me years of study and commitment on a daily basis. Each year, I find out how much I didn’t know during the previous years. Become a student and realize that there is always more to know.  Never be ashamed to say I don’t know. There is always MORE to learn.

NUTRITION - There are basically two different types of foods.  They are micronutrients and macronutrients. Micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals. Macronutrients are your proteins, carbohydrates and fats. If you are building a house, you would need the right amount of bricks, woods, nails and cement.  Too many of these materials would be too much and would be a waste.  Too little and you wouldn’t be able to build your house.  It is the same with your body.  It needs the right amount of micronutrients and macronutrients to become what you want it to be. Our team, will coach you and hold you accountable to the right amount for you.

RECOVERY - When exercise is performed, impairment occurs.  We cause damage to the connective tissue, muscle fibers and drain energy reserves.  This damage occurs so stimulation and improvement can take place. Recovery is when the body repairs, overcompensates and improves as a result of exercise.  This results in strength gains.  Exercise provides the stimulus for progress.  Recovery and nutrition allows the body to produce the results. Our team, will help educate you about recovery for your body.

SUPPLEMENTS - There are basically two different types of supplements, nutritional supplements and enhancement performance supplements.  Nutritional supplements make it convenient to get in our required amount of nutrients.  Examples of these would be vitamin/mineral supplements, meal replacement shakes, protein shakes and bars.  Enhancement performance supplements are taken to enhance performance. They are not to be confused with nutritional supplements.  A good example of this would be creatine monohydrated.  This supplement is used widely for its strength enhancement qualities. We will help you decide which supplement program is best for you.

PSYCHOLOGY TECHNIQUES - Learning to tap into your mind/body relationship is one of the more difficult areas of the Elements of Physical Progress.  However difficult the struggle may be to unlock the door, the results will more than make up for the frustration encountered in the years of persistence it takes to master this great resource.  Simply going to the gym and exercising without any previous mental preparation is like trying to run uphill.  Likewise, going from set to set and exercise to exercise without being focused is like adding a stiff wind to that uphill grade.  Knowing that this mind/body relationship does exist and making a true effort to learn and apply how it works is the first step towards results.  It won’t be long before you are using visualization and guided imagery, which have been proven to be highly effective at enhancing many of the aspects of physical performance/progress.

*Disclaimer - Results may vary based on a variety of factors. 

Personal Training Tucson 
Most people need help with the basics first. Personal training will get you started on the right track!*

I will help you get started with the basics of exercise and nutrition, whether it be through weekly phone coaching or in person with one on one personal training.*

That is why I am offering you a complimentary consultation. This will include a complete health, fitness and nutritional assessment.  This consultation alone will create a crystal clear vision of the ideal body you want. We discuss where you are, where you want to be, and start you with a plan to get you there as fast as possible. The consultation alone will help you so much and it will be an eye opening experience for you.*

Health & Fitness
Complimentary Consultation.

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