Lesson 5
The Power of Visualization

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Produced Daily Video Lesson 5 for the Health and Fitness Support Group and breaking down my likes and dislikes from the advice of my business coach. I am sharing it with you so you can learn from my victories and defeats. This may shorten your learning curve. 



1. I am visualizing 365 lessons initially as that is 12 months of daily video lessons.

2. I like that I can teach in a different way using the Join.,me method of delivering information

3. I like how I shared the power of visualization through me having accomplished it a physical goal myself.

4. I like how I used visualization to show how to use it in regards to relationships as well.

5. I like how I am teaching a principle that if applied will support many people in their health and fitness journey. 


1. Want more power in my voice.

2. Sound quality is can be better.

3. I sounds nasally sometimes

4. I do not sound sharp as a tack as I would like.

5. The tone of my voice can be better.

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